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A Dreamer. An Achiever. A Provocateur. A Dilettante. An Ingenue. Frankie is an artist, a musician, a limitless vision. Impervious and unguarded, Frankie lives as Frankie wishes.

Frankie is a ready-to-wear and denim collection made in the US and rooted in the Los Angeles Arts District. The Fall Winter 2016 collection is inspired by famed director Jean-Luc Godard’s landmark drama, “Vivre sa vie”.

Cultivated and covetable, the brand focuses on innovative shapes, signature silhouettes, and fine fabrics. A collective spirit and focused wanderlust, Frankie is as sublime as it is insatiable. Self-aware and bold, Frankie dreams big.

Brand founder/owner and fashion Executive/Chief Creative, Kevin J Chen, has thrived amongst the virtuosity of creating in the arts for 30+ years. From studying established and emerging brands and developing his own collections, he has cultivated a vast awareness for past and current waves in the industry. Training in sewing factories deep in the New York Fashion District from the age of 17, he built a mastery of detail and expertise in bespoke & fine luxury market. Following his graduation from The Fashion Institute of Technology as a designer in 1991, Chen successfully continued to introduce multiple fashion labels to key destinations in the US and Asia.